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Oncology treatments have become popular in Turkey as the quality standarts of the treatments are high and prices are affordable. Regions that Turkey receives patients from are CIS, Europe and Middle East for cancer treatments such as breast cancer, stomach cancer, bone marrow cancer, colon cancer etc…  Due to the advanced Technologies in JCI certified hospitals in Turkey, it is possible to eliminate tumors of various sizes and treat cancer with painless and safe surgical interventions. There’re different kind of treatment Technologies done in Turkey such as TrueBeam, Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife, da Vinci robot, modified chemotherapy, stem cell treatment… Survival rates after cancer treatments in Turkey have been achieved and even exceeded those of some countries such as Germany.


Thousands of patients from more than 150 countries visit our country for eye and eye area treatments due to its geographical location advantage and reasonable treatment prices every year. Eye hospitals in Turkey provide professional services at high standards by using advanced technological devices in eye treatments. Treatments include laser surgeries, tri-focal lens surgeries, retina surgeries and glaucoma treatments. For this purpose, patients who come to our country can also enjoy our country, which is a tourism center.


The first organ transplant in Turkey was performed by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal at Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine in 1975 with the realization of kidney transplantation from mother to son. Since then, thousands of organ transplants have been performed. Since the beginning of 2021, more than 4000 surgeries have been made in Turkey and more than 2700 of them are kidney transplantation and more than 1200 are liver transplantation. In addition, cornea, bone marrow and hair transplants are among the successful transplants. Artificial heart transplantation is also performed in Turkey. The success and survival rate in organ transplants in Turkey is 96 percent above world standards. Due to high rates and quality health services, foreign patients from Europe, Asia, Africa and America prefer Turkey. Turkey accepts the most distant 4th degree relative as a donor for foreign transplant patients. This requires a living donor, not a cadaver, for foreign patients.


Gynecology is a branch of women’s health and has several sub-branches that include obstetrics, infertility, IVF, family planning, gynecological oncology, sexual diseases, and sexual problems. IVF treatment is a medical procedure used to assist couples who are experiencing infertility problems. It is an abbreviation for in-vitro fertilization, which involves fertilizing an egg outside of the body with sperm from a male partner and implanting it in the female partner’s uterus. When traditional methods fail, this procedure assists many couples in becoming pregnant. There are some important points to be considered before thinking about having IVF treatment in Turkey for foreign patients. One of them is that only married couples are allowed to have this treatment. Gender selection, surrogacy, and egg, sperm, and embryo donation are not allowed in our country. There’s no age limit legally, but clinics tend to treat women under the age of 46 to get success. IVF treatment is gaining popularity in Turkey due to its high success rates (70 percent until the age of 35) and low cost in comparison to other countries. Each year in Turkey, 42,000 IVF treatments are carried out.


The health of the mouth and teeth is important for everyone. We all know how important it is to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations in the world for dental treatment because of its modern medical technologies, skilled dentists, and cost advantages. 150.000-250.000 foreign patients travel to Turkey for dental treatments every year. Dental care in Turkey is reasonably priced when compared to the costs of getting the same care in the countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada so you can save up to 80% on dental care procedures in Turkey. High-quality implants, porcelain and zirconium crowns, laminate veneers, root canal treatment, fillings, bonding design, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and orthodontics are among the most common dental treatments and services in Turkey.